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Our knowledge and experience sets us apart. We work as a team to innovate, adapt, and drive results.


Founded in 2012, TURN8 Private Wealth Management is rooted in trust, integrity, focus, and commitment. Our goal is to grow our client’s wealth and protect their assets by providing smart and strategic investment solutions.

What makes us different?

We are collaborative, no nonsense, and down-to-earth.  Our distinct approach to investing is centered solely on our clients’ unique needs. We create dynamic wealth management plans designed to reflect the evolving goals and priorities of our clients, and the changing market conditions.

Where does the name TURN8 come from?

We took inspiration from the sports world, specifically Formula 1 Racing. Named in part after a famous corner of Turkey's Intercity Istanbul Park racetrack, TURN8, refers to an incredibly fast, bumpy, multi-apex downhill left-hander that is truly a test of a driver’s commitment and skill. In the racing world it is often said that anyone can drive fast in a straight line, but it is the corners that matter most and differentiate between the good, and the greatest of racetracks. In Formula 1, TURN8 is among the best. 

Now we do recognize that not everyone may be a Formula 1 enthusiast, but most if not all, can appreciate not only the work ethic of a professional athlete like an F1 race car driver, but the focus, the commitment, and the determination to succeed. However, it is also the work that goes on underneath the surface that makes F1 racing look so effortless. In fact, F1 isn’t just about the drivers, it’s about the teams – the technicians, engineers, designers, aerodynamicists, and support staff who design, build, and operate the car. 

OK great, but what does this have to do with Wealth Management? Well, everything…

THE CORNER: TURN 8 is the perfect analogy for today’s financial marketplace; fast paced, often bumpy and at times you can hardly see where you’re going.

At TURN8 we help you navigate these bumps. We recognize the inevitable challenges of market and life changes, and continually adjust your wealth plan to align to your goals. Our modern and institutional style approach to investing seeks to reduce volatility and enhance portfolio return with the goal of providing our clients peace of mind over the long term.

THE DRIVER: Think of the skills that a driver needs… situational awareness, ability to make split second decisions, car control, engineering competence, patience, balance, and discipline.

At TURN8 we stay calm under pressure. Like an F1 driver, our goal in this fast-paced world is to help our clients navigate the market deliberately with patience and discipline, rather than reacting to the latest whims of financial news, so that at the end of the day they reach their goals.

THE STRATEGY: F1 is a sport defined by strategy. Any race strategy depends on the preparation, skill and execution of the driver and the team.  The driver needs to implement what has been set out, and adapt it as required to the conditions of the race. And the strategy behind pit stops, race tires, and fuel loads can further make the difference between winning a world championship or being at the back of the pack.

At TURN8 we are all about strategy. For us, in a fast-paced environment like wealth management and investing, systems and controls become particularly important. Just like our racing counterparts, we operate with an eye on the dashboard while working the controls. This is where we excel. Our knowledge and experience set us apart. We work as a team to innovate, adapt, and drive results.

​Would you like to learn more? Contact us today.


Our experienced team will work with you to ensure a successful financial future through long-term solutions tailored to your needs. At TURN8, we are passionate about what we do. This is reflected by our high client satisfaction. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today.


"We are driven by our relentless pursuit of growth and wealth creation for our clients. If you want intelligent solutions and a smart strategy, if you want more, let TURN8 Private Wealth create a plan that is right for you." 

Craig McFadzean, Founder and CEO

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